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Yoga is a journey, not a destination

Group Lessons

Many of my regular students are working full time and class times have developed around their needs.  My group classes are now all on zoom and the times are:

  • 7pm Mondays (75 min vinyasa)

  • 7pm Wednesdays (75 min vinyasa)

  • 8am Thursdays (50 minute wake up yoga)

  • 10am Saturdays (75 minute Ashtanga vinyasa)

Contact me for more information and for joining details. 

Costs for 75 minute live classes are donation based, with recommended price of £6 - £10 (pay as you can afford).

The 50 minute early morning zoom class is £6 per session.

Private 1-2-1 or Small Group Classes

Private yoga classes are currently on zoom but soon face-to-face again in the comfort of your own home or garden (with appropriate covid precautions). 

I often teach those with no prior knowledge of yoga, building confidence and a strong foundation before joining group classes, which can be intimidating as a newcomer.

Private tuition is designed around your needs and aims – beginners and yoga basics, yoga for seniors, yoga for runners and/or cyclists, general flexibility and relaxation, workplace yoga and so on.  You can choose your priorities; sessions could be dynamic or restorative depending on what is required and appropriate.

If you decide to go ahead with one-to-one tuition we will have a first complementary session, probably via zoom, to discuss exactly what you wish to gain from the sessions, allowing me to plan your personalised yoga coaching, so that you benefit most from our time together.

I teach in west and south west London.  Investment from £80 per session for private face-to-face tuition (75 minutes), from £45 online.  Contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

I always leave Sally’s classes feeling at peace” 

Getting started with Yoga

Your body, your practice...

You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga – in fact yoga will help you to become more limber and stronger.

I have worked with all shapes and sizes, ages and fitness levels and can find the right level for you.

Before starting any yoga class, let me know about any health conditions, injuries and level of fitness.  Don’t force any movements or poses. Nothing should hurt, you should feel stretch but not pain.  With practice the poses will develop and the benefits will come.

A yoga class should make you feel invigorated and calm but no physical pain.  Ideally, attend two or more classes a week.

Guidelines for your practice

Yoga in-Person: 

  • You will need a non-slip yoga mat, readily available in stores or online.

  • Don’t eat for two hours before practice, any exercise on a full stomach is not comfortable

  • Drink water before and definitely after the practice, but ideally not during the practice

  • It is often helpful to use props such as yoga blocks and a strap, but to start with these can be improvised – use, perhaps, a couple of thick books and a belt, scarf or towel.

  • Make sure you turn your phone off completely, your yoga time is for you!

Yoga on Zoom/on Screen:

During covid times, classes moved online which was a completely new way of practicing for all of us! 


It is more convenient for some to continue to practice at home, but it does require everyone to take more responsibility for their own practice and to listen to their bodies.

Increasing awareness of your own body, listening to feedback from the body and easing back from anything that feels “too much” become essential skills to build.  Remember to take child’s pose anytime that you feel you need it – rest and come back to the breath.

Remember - it’s the sensation of the pose that's important, not so much the aesthetics...

What My Clients Say...

Clari B

I really enjoyed yoga yesterday. It sorted my head out (with your mindful words) and helped my back!    

Cris M

Yesterday after class I felt like a new person, it helps a lot with my body aches.

Dom T

I really look forward to your classes, they relax me and help me sleep – they set me up for my week ahead.

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